The University of Iowa Scholarship Opportunities

Financing your education
Let’s call it what it is—your education is an investment. High graduation rates, high job placement rates, and generous scholarships make Tippie one of the best investments in higher education.
The University of Iowa publishes the estimated cost of attendance forundergraduate students at the university, updated annually.
Tuition supplement for admitted students
Admitted students at Tippie pay a slightly higher tuition rate, depending on their status. First- and second-year undergraduates pay a tuition supplement of about $1,400 each academic year—$700 for fall semester and $700 for spring semester. Supplemental tuition for third- and fourth-year students is approximately $2,900 for the academic year. The amount of the supplement is adjusted by the same annual percentage increase as the university’s base tuition, and is prorated for part-time students.
Where does this money go? To very good use. The supplement is used to support all that we do to help you succeed in the classroom and to prepare for the job market. We recruit companies to work with you on real-world consulting projects. We provide career prep, expanded academic advising, tutoring, and the Direct Admit Seminar. And we recruit the best faculty in high-demand areas like business analytics and finance.
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  • Date Posted:
    December 18, 2016

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