International Scholarships in University of Turku Postdoctoral Research in Science and Medicine 2017/2018 – Finland

Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine now welcomes applications for five (5) post-doctoral analyst positions for three-year time spans. The term of office for the effective candidates will start at the most punctual on January 1, 2018.

Application Deadline: 15 March, 2017

Qualified Countries: All

To be taken at (nation): Finland

About the Award: The University of Turku is a world-class multidisciplinary examine college which offers fascinating difficulties and a remarkable vantage indicate national and worldwide research and instruction. Explore at the University of Turku is different and worldwide. Our most grounded fields of research shape the reason for new and interdisciplinary undertakings. Various high positions in overall college rankings tell about the high caliber of the college. Our exploration is profiled through the accompanying topical coordinated efforts:

Digital futures
Cultural memory and social change
Children, young people and learning
Drug development and diagnostics
Sea and maritime studies

The point of the Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine (TCSM) is to build up a multidisciplinary, intuitive research stage for youthful element researchers in Science and Medicine. This incorporates contemplates in the arithmetic, informatics, material science, science, organic chemistry, science, topography, geology, pharmaceutical, biomedicine, dentistry and their reciprocals.

Qualification: Candidates will be considered from any region inside Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Medicine with exceptional potential and built up perfection in research. The individual to be delegated to the postdoctoral analyst position is required to hold a doctoral degree, which might not have been finished over five years prior at the season of tolerating the position. In this unique circumstance, the 5 years allude to a net timeframe, which does exclude maternity leaves, parental leaves, or military administration, and so forth. A doctoral degree must be finished before the finish of the application time frame and candidates are additionally anticipated that would have accomplished other scholarly accomplishments.

Choice Criteria: Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine chooses its specialists through a worldwide rivalry, which is interested in all analysts in the individual fields. The Board for TCSM chooses the new scientists on the premise of their applications. In the determination procedure, specific consideration will be paid to the competitor’s global research involvement. The fruitful applicant ought to have a linkage with the examination exercises of the University of Turku and ought to when in doubt have the capacity to join a current research bunch or to work under the supervision of a senior scientist at the University of Turku. In the choice procedure consideration is likewise paid how the exploration of the candidate identifies with the topical coordinated efforts of the college.

Number of Awardees: 5

Estimation of Program: The compensation is resolved as per the college pay framework for educating and research work force. The compensation for Postdoctoral Researcher positions relate to a necessity level 5 and individual execution level 4 euro-named pay (3 326, 61 €/month). Advance in the scientist’s close to home execution can be considered while deciding the pay amid the work.

Length of Program: 5 years

The most effective method to Apply: Applications must be submitted on March 15, 2017 at the latest(23.59.59) Finnish time (GMT +2) by means of the electronic application type of the University of Turku. The connection to the electronic application framework is found toward the start of this declaration (Apply for the employment). If it’s not too much trouble incorporate CV, degree declarations, a rundown of distributions and an individual articulation/inspiration letter where the candidate is made a request to portray his/her logical foundation and research interests and how they identify with the examination exercises at the University of Turku.

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Grant Provider: University of Turku

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